Michaela Pelka, Core Energetische therapie

Living your truth, exploring who you truly are – for me this process is the essence of life and of Core Energetics. This work has deeply touched me. With an open heart I gladly support you on your way to your own truth, to your authentic core where life energy, love and joy can flow freely.

In my practice for body psychotherapy, I am happy to support you in your process of exploring your true self. In the sessions I offer you a safe space to explore. I follow my inner guidance, my clear perception, and my trust in the divine process.

Due to my background as music therapist and dance teacher I have explored the power of creativity and movement as a form of self-expression. In Core Energetics I found my passion and a form of therapy that is deep, pure, and honest.

I am happy to support you in your process of exploring who you truly are.
You are welcome with every topic that moves you.

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Do you have any questions or do you want to plan an intake session?
Feel free to reach out and send me an email.
Email: michaela@core-pelka.com

My practice ‘Michaela Pelka – Lichaamsgerichte Psychotherapie’ is registered in the Dutch trade register (Kvk Nijmegen/Arnhem 87107252).
As therapist I am member of the Dutch professional associations for body psychotherapy SBLP and RBCZ.
Furthermore, I am connected to CAM COOP and TCZ for complementary therapies.